We make it Easy and Affordable to replace your retainers

We are a full service orthodontic practice that believes it should be simple to maintain your smile and orthodontic results.

Get a Fresh Set of Retainers including a 3D scan for only $299

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Retainer Club Replacement Retainers
Keep That Beautifully Straight Smile You Spent Years Perfecting

Get Straight Teeth for Life™

It's time for a new retainer when it's dirty, lost, worn out, cracked, uncomfortable, or... your dog ate it!

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Retainer Club Replacement Retainers

How It Works

Three easy steps

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Step 1

Get a 3D Scan

No more gooey molds. Come in to our office and get a 3D scan of your teeth in 10 minutes or less.

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Step 2

Choose Your Schedule

Replace your retainers as often as you like, whether that’s once a year, every six months, or every four months

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Step 3

Your Retainers Delivered

Your fresh set of retainers are custom fabricated, polished to perfection, and delivered to your home in 7 business days or less.

Fresh Custom Retainers Delivered to Your Door for $99

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Retainer Club Replacement Retainers


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