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Campaign Name: The $6 Secret to a Showroom-Worthy Shine All Summer Long

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The $6 Secret to a Showroom-Worthy Shine All Summer Long

Summer in Las Vegas is synonymous with scorching sun, dazzling lights, and endless outdoor adventures. But it’s also a season of dust storms, relentless heat, and lovebug season – all of which can wreak havoc on your car’s exterior.


But what if we told you there’s a way to keep your car looking fresh off the lot, all summer long, for a fraction of the cost of detailing?


Introducing the $6 Secret: Your Ultra Clean Express Membership

That’s right! For just $6 in your first month (online only), you can unlock unlimited washes at Ultra Clean Express and give your car the showroom treatment it deserves.

Why Unlimited Washes are the Key to Summer Shine:

Regular Cleaning: The more frequently you wash your car, the less time dirt and grime have to bond to the surface, making each wash easier and more effective.

Protection: Our Ultra Express Wash not only cleans but also helps protect your car’s finish from the harsh summer elements.

Convenience: With multiple locations across Las Vegas, keeping your car clean is as easy as a quick stop on your way home from work or a weekend adventure.

But Wait, There’s More!

An Ultra Clean Express membership isn’t just about unlimited washes. You’ll also enjoy:

Free Vacuuming: Keep your interior as spotless as your exterior.

Clean Towels: No more dirty rags or paper towels scratching your paint.

Convenience Services: Air fresheners, window cleaner, and more – all at your fingertips.

Think of it as a Summer Spa Treatment for Your Car!


Just like you might pamper yourself with extra skincare in the summer, your car needs a little extra TLC to look its best. Frequent washes at Ultra Clean Express are like a refreshing facial for your car’s paint, keeping it hydrated, protected, and glowing.

Don't Let Your Car Suffer in the Summer Heat

Imagine the satisfaction of pulling up to a backyard barbecue or a beach party in a car that gleams like new. With an Ultra Clean Express membership, that dream can be your reality, all summer long.

Your $6 Investment in Summer Shine Starts Now

Don’t wait! Take advantage of our special $6 first-month offer, online only, and unlock the secret to a showroom-worthy shine that will turn heads wherever you go. Visit our website to sign up today.